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Crowdsourcing – could it work in the oil and gas industry?

Digging through the videos from last year’s conference, my personal favourite is another talk in the “what can we learn from x” genre, this time with John A. Fredrickson from Innocentive:  As I’ve previously mentioned on Quora, Fredrickson listed what they … Continue reading

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Logo surprise

StatoilHydro, the major oil company in Norway, unveiled their new surprising logo today.

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A take on presenting predictions

Any prediction of the future carries some uncertainty. As if prediction wasn’t hard enough, estimating this uncertainty and presenting it in a way that makes sense is surprisingly hard too. No one gets more attention drawn to their mistaken predictions … Continue reading

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Quantifying risk

Balancing {en:risk} is a difficult discipline. The standard definition of risk is that: Risk = Probability of an accident  * impact of  the accident. A discussion of risk often starts with this definition, then goes on to show that the … Continue reading

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Yahoo’s machine learning challenges

Yahoo wrote up their key scientific challenges recently. It’s interesting to compare  their machine learning challenges with those facing data mining and machine learning efforts in oil well drilling.  The list was made by John Langford, which comment that the … Continue reading

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