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Crowdsourcing – could it work in the oil and gas industry?

Digging through the videos from last year’s conference, my personal favourite is another talk in the “what can we learn from x” genre, this time with John A. Fredrickson from Innocentive:  As I’ve previously mentioned on Quora, Fredrickson listed what they … Continue reading

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Conference hack #1

You’re sitting in the back row and can’t read the slides? Font is too tiny? No problem! In the spirit of Integrated Operations, there’s a live feed of the conference on the internet. You get the presentation up close and … Continue reading

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A conference warm-up exercise

The 2011 Integrated Operations conference started today here in Trondheim and I’m taking advantage of the free wifi to refresh my memory of last years conference. Getting to know Integrated Operations tends to demand a brief familiarity with everything from drilling problems to organizational psychology … Continue reading

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