Crowdsourcing – could it work in the oil and gas industry?

Digging through the videos from last year’s conference, my personal favourite is another talk in the “what can we learn from x” genre, this time with John A. Fredrickson from Innocentive:


 As I’ve previously mentioned on Quora, Fredrickson listed what they found were the major sucess factors in getting a crowdsourcing project to work. When in crowdsourcing you put out an open call for novel ideas and solutions to a problem, you need to:

  • Have a clearly defined problem
  • Provide the crowd with enough information to work on
  • Have the resources to answer questions from the crowd

Fredrickson illustrated this by describing how Innocentive put up a crowdsourcing project in the wake of the Macondo disaster, failing completely on all the above.  This was an extreme situation, where the few who had information was too busy managing the disaster to get involved in a crowdsourcing project, but sharing information openly is not something that comes natural in the oil and gas industry. Would this bar crowdsourcing from working with oil and gas?

PS: The videos from this year’s conference is coming online now, more on that later 🙂

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