Conferences coming up

Two interesting conferences are coming up:


The International Conference on Integrated Operations in the Petroleum Industry is taking place 29th-30th of september in Trondheim, Norway.  It’s a conference with invited talks covering different aspects of {en:Integrated Operations}. With talks having titles such as “Common issues in space and offshore“, “Towards autonomous control of a subsea drilling rig – an agent oriented approach” and “Industrial Gaming large scale Demonstration“, it looks like it’ll be an enjoyable conference.


The European Symposium on Time Series Prediction (ESTSP) takes place right outside Helsinki in Finland 3rd-5th of February, 2010.  This is a comfortably small conference with mostly one track, where you actually stand a chance getting to know the other attendants.  It’s arranged by the Adaptive Informatics Research Centre, a Center of Excellence at {en:Aalto University}.  The ALGODAN centre of excellence is hosted at the same department and together these centres is one of the biggest hubs for machine learning and soft computing in Europe. In and around this centre there’s groups doing such different things as bioinformatics, natural language processing, computational cognitive systems and of course there’s also a group on time series prediction.

Keeping with tradition, there’s also going to be a competition in time series prediction. For the previous conferences, this has been a great way to discuss and compare different methods.  Though I’m not sure if there’ll be papers on the prediction contest itself this year.

Deadlines:  Title and abstract by September 15th.  paper by the 1st of October.

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